Capricorn horoscope today | 11 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Capricorn today

11 / 08 / 2017

Someone may be going through a period of bad luck, especially in the financial area and has the opportunity to help them work through it. Today is a day of compassion. Love can capture your heart with Mars and Jupiter in appearance, but you can exaggerate the depth and breadth of this new relationship. Try to see people for what they are. You have to be a little discreet to do things now, otherwise, you will never finish the long list of tasks that people are asking of you. Slide and do what you have to do, then come back. You want to connect with someone you think may be unreachable at this time. Do not make too much effort.

You will feel tense today, anxious tomorrow and perplexed that everything seems to happen to you. You could attack to attack and suddenly find yourself in retreat when your target hits again even more difficult. You have a lot of nerve, but do not feel offended by that. Those who take risks really have something good if they just use that nerve in the right way. Dare to think positively. Know the challenge of feeling comfortable in this world. You have to live here, you know. Find a way to live here peacefully still on your terms.

Capricorn today one of your parents, yes you still have them, you need to ask yourself a favor today, so it would be good for you to make a visit or a call, it may be something of importance that they have not communicated to you out of fear or for shame.

If you have children today there will be a problem with one of them due to a behavior problem at school or another place where you do activities, someone will make you see that you are missing a guide, you should pay more attention to what your children do.

Those who are looking for love, have a day of learning, because probably the person they came to know a little away because of the coldness you were showing, ask him directly and the reasons that you give will be of utmost importance for future relationships what will you have.

Possible colon discomforts today, put warm compresses in the area to relieve.

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