Capricorn horoscope today | 12 / 07 / 2017

Capricorn today feelings are born in us to be expressed towards another person.

Horoscope of Capricorn today

12 / 07 / 2017

If you tend to be generous or extravagant with your resources, today you are prone to be even more and if you have been struggling financially, you can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. At least, it should be clear to you what your next steps should be in relation to your finances. With Mars, the ruler of your profits in your associations can be lucrative now. Make the most of what you have and also improve what you have, since it will be returned to you in the long term. It is not vanity, it is to keep the tools in good condition. Be the first to radiate love and you will see instant results.

Capricorn today feelings are born in us to be expressed towards another person.
If you have fixation by someone in specific, do not hesitate to say it, since repressing them and keep harboring an illusion will not do you good.
If you receive a refusal from that person, it will be much easier for you to start observing those around you.
At work you must learn to say what you think at the right time, you have the talent to stand out, but you are repressing your ideas for fear of not being heard, dare.
In the studies are occurring situations that do not let you explore all your potential, stop thinking about everything that can happen if you speak and express what you want, it can be the beginning of a beautiful way of learning.
Do not hold a grudge, nor feelings of frustration inside, can end up in a health problem that you could avoid being sincere and expressing what you feel.

Daily Meditation: Determines what can be done and will be done, and then we will find the way. - Abraham Lincoln

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