Capricorn horoscope today | 15 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Capricorn today

15 / 08 / 2017

Empty of previous memories to the contrary, you can be projecting many of your feelings, including the negative ones, about innocent people who may not have a clue where you come from. The fact that the Moon is currently transiting your fifth house of love affairs means that you may find yourself at odds with the person you love the most. If work or other social activities are frustrating you have to be careful not to get even with those who are in a closer connection. You may want to take your friendships and love relationships to a higher level of communication today, but you may be confronted by the perspective of other people, not being able to reciprocate.

Today it is difficult to choose only one project, one route or one option. How can you commit to one when others seem equally viable? Do not go crazy for worrying about making a wrong decision. You can hold yourself until you have gathered more information, or simply make a decision. It may turn out to be the right one, or you may have to go back and correct your decision. Would that be so bad?

Capricorn today you are noticing few advances in your work, so you must become aware of this fact and begin to change things for the better.

You have the possibility of a trip, but you are desisting from making this journey, think carefully if this is the best decision you could make now, you may be making a mistake that you will regret in a while longer.

Love in couples is often difficult, due to the incompatible nature that both people may have, today you will notice this in a discussion for something very minimal, which could irritate you, do not enlarge the problem, try to solve it in order to get ahead and stay together .

Those who have children will experience important decisions regarding their education, a change of school or studies could take place today, so do not be afraid to decide in the best way for the welfare and future of your children.

Daily Meditation: The most frightening thing is to accept yourself completely. - CG Jung

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