Capricorn horoscope today | 18 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Capricorn today

18 / 08 / 2017

There may be a change in your routine, which is annoying at first, but later you will feel that the variety was necessary. You are very happy now to put aside your own desires to satisfy the one you love. This will awaken many feelings of love in the other person. You are reinventing yourself right now. Friendships should never deteriorate into a habit of cold comfort. Superficial feelings can only take you to the moment when you are evolving in stages towards ever greater heights of Self-consciousness. At this time, therefore, you can have very high expectations of others and you will realize that they are not living at the same moment as you.

Capricorn today verbal communication can be a bit more difficult than usual. The words of people continue to mix in your emotions, and things do not go well. Spending some time alone could help, especially if you spoil yourself. It's a good day to relax physically, and to carry out activities that you like. Above all, if you are an annoying or unstable absolute, remember that "this, too, will pass." And it will ... before you know it.

Capricorn today is not the time to experiment for Capricorn, if you are in a good place of work you should stay there a while longer, do not want to try new things right now, since different situations in your life will not allow it.

A very dear person is going through a moment of health that needs your attention, give him the attention he needs, since you will not want to regret after not having been there to help him.

Your place of work is going through several changes, do not let these affect you, because it is not time to sit still without doing anything, looking for something new to do and try to get acquainted with the changes that are happening.

A money owed can come today, not in the way you expect, you must insist a little more to be paid.

The couple feels that the routine begins to devour them, do not let this happen.

Daily meditation: Never point a finger where you never lent a hand. - Robert Brault

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