Capricorn horoscope today | 19 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Capricorn today

19 / 08 / 2017

With the Moon and Venus currently in your seventh marriage house and the love you need to explore other possibilities if your needs are not currently being met. This will be difficult for your partner, but they will soon get used to it. Your attention is on a friend today but yours could be elsewhere. Do not magnify the imagined reasons for this - there is probably a legitimate reason why you are being so distant. Your emotional cup may overflow, but you may be trying to please too many people. Prioritize your friends. You will be praised for the way you handle a problem. Seeing two sides of a coin is necessary.

Why are everyone around you so sticky today? If you are not much of a hug, this could carry on your nerves. Hollywood-style aerial kisses could be a good substitute. Or simply accept your distant feelings. Do you know who you are. False attempts at warmth will not convince anyone, let alone people who know him. Be true to yourself, whatever your feelings may be. There's nothing wrong with keeping your hands to yourself.

Capricorn today do not rush things with that new person who has entered your life, follow the steps that will lead you to have a very beautiful relationship, if you do not relax, you could lose this opportunity.

Love unlike falling in love does not come suddenly, it is something that is being built and that needs time to mature, leaves anxiety in this matter.

The work is stable, but you are thinking of moving forward too soon, give yourself the time to study, reflect, observe, learn and build a good reputation in your performance place.

Those who are studying have a day of learning and discovering new things, that's what training is all about, but before you had not taken on as much weight as today.

A person wants to tell you something important about their love life, listen to him, you could give him very good advice that he needs.

Daily Meditation: A true friend sees the first tear ... catches the second ... and stops the third. - Angelique

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