Horoscope weekend Capricorn | 8 to the September 10

Horoscope Capricorn weekend

September 8 to 10

The crazy wisdom of an old man can tell you everything you need to know. Listen to the advice that is not what you normally expect to hear. It can help you understand what a powerful and meaningful time this is for you. The question is whether you possess the clarity, maturity and wisdom to take advantage of your personal power and direct it towards a constructive change in your life or if you waste it trying to influence or impress others? Do not get distracted by small gains when persistence and focus can allow you to achieve an important goal. Capricorn.

Capricorn Single, You've taught people in your life to be grateful for the things they have, so when you have to cut corners, it does not feel like a terrible thing to those little people. Okay, so some of them feel that it's the end of the world to be cut, but you're going to have a firm word with them about it and show them just how much fun it can be just to walk around the block., Capricorn.

You are also arriving with commitments, learning to take your bicycle places when necessary, or see that walking is really very good for you and helps your body achieve vitality. There is always a cheaper way to do something. The Moon moves to Taurus on Saturday while Mercury moves to Virgo.

A weekend in which the Capricorn will be interested in getting an extra job and is that they know they are whimsical people who must get money to pay all their extra expenses. Anyway, you should be careful with it, because they may be saturated with so many hours of work, so it would be better to think well about it before taking a step that may be wrong.

In the case of singles, this problem no longer has, because there is no one and there will be in the near future that can ask for more hours and attention.

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