Horoscope weekend Capricorn | 1 to the September 3

Horoscope weekend Capricorn

September 1 to 3

What you need to do is have to sit down with your partner or your family and talk about the state of things in their lives. It is not unreasonable to be able to say that in a few months you might be able to live big again, but now it is necessary to say that you need to conserve the funds, be practical and allow yourself to get out of debt before you go accumulating me. It's debts.

You promise that there are fun things ahead of you, if only you could save for those things instead of spending it like a sieve. You know it is not great news for the people in your life, but you feel the need to do this. The Moon moves to Aquarius on Saturday. Mercury is in conjunction with Mars on Sunday.

The confidence that the Capricorn have placed in someone will not be appropriate and this will lead them to have problems this weekend, especially in the field of friendship. If there is one thing they can do, it is simply to learn from this mistake and avoid trusting this person again.

As for love, the Capricorn will feel the most fortunate people with their partners and is that, the truth is that they have been able to find the right person for them. What is nice is that they are loving and very detailed people, which makes their relationships tend to be the best.

Ascending: Someone had to say that it stopped!

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