Horoscope Weekend Capricorn | 22 to the September 24

Horoscope weekend Capricorn

September 22 to 24

Being in the spotlight on Friday morning could attract the wrong kind of attention with the vacuum of the Moon's field at your reputable home. It may be safer to keep a low profile for now. You will have plenty of opportunities to shine with the sun rolling through this area in the coming weeks. You will want to be at your best when you mix with the engines and agitators. The Moon in your friendship zone this weekend makes you crave quality time with your closest friends. Your team will give you the emotional reinforcement you need. Your confidence increases when you know someone has your back., Capricorn

The natives of Capricorn are people who are going to have a good time this weekend with friends, but it is also possible that there are some important differences with someone in the family. If there is one piece of advice that can be given, they should not enter into discussions that do not take them anywhere, such as the typical differences of opinion when the family gathers.

As for love, we can say that both those who have a partner and those who are single, will not have many problems in this aspect, so it can be said that life will bring them what they are looking for.

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