#Capricorn June 2017

#General: Peace and tranquility can be very valuable under the full moon of the June 9.

#Capricorn June 2017

#General: Peace and tranquility can be very valuable under the full moon of the June 9. It could be difficult to escape all the activities and demands of your time. Find refuge in music, reading and moments of solitude, even if you are in the middle of a crowd. The June 15, the opposition between the Sun and Saturn could create a power struggle that you could take advantage of. The New Moon of the June 23 brings more love, affection and attention than a person could want. Enjoy them. You deserve worship, and you deserve to be treated well. Feel how your self-esteem rises, and feel good about it.

Best days: 1, 19, 24

Worst days: 18, 29

#Amor Singles: Fate is on your side during the trine that the Sun forms with Jupiter the June 3. Love at first sight is not just a myth. It has happened to you before and it could happen again. The brilliant conjunction between the Sun and Mercury of the June 21 gives you the voice to express yourself, but your opinions related to love will not always be popular. Luckily, the only person you should worry about please is you. You have great intellectual energy during the conjunction between Mercury and Mars the June 28, so if you want to find out more about your secret love, this is the moment. Use all available research tools to find out if they are the perfect match or if you are wasting your time.

#Amor Couple: The trine between the Sun and Jupiter of the June 3 makes you feel lucky in love. Call it destiny, chance or chance. Whatever it is, you feel very, very lucky to be with your true love. The conjunction between the Sun and Mercury improves the communication of the June 21, and your words acquire a sharp and polished quality. If you want to persuade your partner to do something, this is the moment. The junction between Mercury and Mars of the 28 in June makes you a bit more defensive than usual, so try to slow down your reaction time a bit. Once you think about it, you may realize that your partner was not accusing you of anything.

#Job: Around the 9 in June, disturbing information could come to light. It is important that you stay away from a person who has been involved in criminal activities. You have worked too hard for your reputation to be tainted by a suspicious colleague or employer. Fortunately, you can form a lucrative business partnership in the days around the June 23. Teaming with a person with great emotional intelligence will be effective. You can focus on the big picture while your partner attracts and maintains business relationships. You two have an impressive executive capacity. Prepare to share the responsibility. Fighting for supremacy would be a waste of valuable energy.

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