#Capricorn March 2017

#Capricorn March 2017

#General: The Moon / Saturn trine of the March 1 begins at full power. The Full Moon of the March 12 may inspire you to run away and do something out of the ordinary with different people or on your own. Your friends or neighbors may also demand your attention and this could hold you back, for better or for worse. The New Moon of the March 27 allows you to ask yourself if you want to make important changes in your home. You have so much energy that you could even take on the challenge of having a second home. Make remodeling plans or buy new dishes. Do what makes you happy.

#Amor Singles: The conjunction between the Sun and Mercury of the March 6 improves communication and your possibilities with a new person. If you use subtlety as a flirting tactic, it can help you improve your strategy and get better results. You should lower your guard as Mercury connects retrograde Venus to the March 18, but you can not help remembering your past sufferings. You have to go back to the arena that you abandoned some time ago. The New Moon in Aries of the March 27 finally gives you the courage to get what you really want. Your enthusiasm speaks for itself.

#Amor Couple: The superior conjunction between the Sun and Mercury of the March 6 improves your communication strategies, and discussions on important issues are more logical in nature (which you love). You may not have the best flirting skills, but knowing how to say exactly what you think is sexy. Mercury meets Venus retrograde the March 18, moment that is ideal for you to think about the past but not to regret. Constructive thinking is excellent, but illusory thoughts will not get you anywhere. The New Moon in Aries of the March 27 gives them the energy to start something new. Go at full speed to achieve the maximum positive effect.

#Job: The first half of the month may be a challenge due to the anxious Full Moon on March's 12. It may be impossible to meet the demands of a client with special needs. Instead of pretending that you have an advanced knowledge of the subject, ask for help. It may be that hiring a consultant or a consultant is the only way to successfully complete the task. Instead of denying the rate to the experienced person, consider hiring full-time. The last days of March will motivate you to start working on a project you love. Venturing into an emerging area will give you your rewards. Prepare to forget everything you thought you knew for the sake of learning new skills.

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