Capricorn Monthly Horoscope | October 2017

Horoscope Monthly Capricorn

October 2017

The Capricorn sign enters the new season with a firm step and settled what fate has been bringing. The wind continues to blow in favor of those of the Capricorn sign, disciplined and patient people who know how to wait for better times, but who are not friends to stay with arms crossed while the world turns and things happen. Positivism remains key in this era in which those born in this sign of land, and must continue to be so to continue progressing.

Capricorn October 2017

Life is not a path of roses, and sometimes you have to fight a lot to get what you want, but the circumstances are favorable in almost everything, so luck seems to be part of this sign. Find out what the month of October of 2017 holds for the Capricorn in health, love, money and work.

The Capricorn and have spent bad seasons, like the rest of the signs of the Zodiac, only that in the case of those born in December, have been more prone to grieve what has happened to them than to those who have come to the world in January. However, fortune smiles at those of this sign, so they will continue to feel as good on a psychic level as throughout the month of September. It seems that the end of the northern summer or of the austral winter suited them well, and the change of season has given wings to those born between the 22 of December and the 20 of January, which in the tenth month of the year 2017 will feel full, more especially in the first two weeks.

Children, the elderly and those with previous pathologies will be more vulnerable. Children, the elderly and those with previous pathologies will be more vulnerable
As for the psychological health, everything will be joys, but not so much in other aspects, either by the entrance of the new station or by the air currents to which you expose yourself unnecessarily, in the month of October you go to have a tendency to catch a cold It will not be especially important, but it can be very annoying. On the other hand, children, the elderly and those with previous pathologies will be more vulnerable, so Capricorn who are in these circumstances will have to go much more carefully to avoid greater evils. That a cold does not make you stop the rhythm or generate a stress that you do not want, nor does it suit you.

Love continues to be a source of joy and happiness for the Capricorn, who in the seventh month of the year have experienced great moments with the people with whom they share their lives, and the truth is that now that autumn or spring They have entered totally, that honeymoon so marked above all for what they have a stable and lasting relationship, but not for many years, it lasts for longer.

It is a good stage in which big decisions can be made, although always valuing what can and can not be done, in addition to what should and should not be done. You may want to go a step further with your partner, but you have to think about whether you have the maturity and the heritage to carry it out. Things have to be thought about a lot, do not be ashamed to turn things around. On the sexual level, everything will continue to flow, although it is true that the Capricorn will adapt to what they know makes them feel good and they will make the mistake of not putting themselves so much in the shoes of their partner. Is she or he at ease? Do not be scared if it exposes you that you do not agree as you do, or if you intend to innovate a bit. Listen to those you have on hand to have a totally satisfactory relationship.

It is a good stage to make big decisions. It is a good stage to make big decisions
As for those and those Capricorn that Cupid has not pierced with his arrow, there seems to be many changes in the month of October. September did bring news, but there has not been much progress and perhaps those who have been too excited and ahead of time, will suffer a disappointment for which they should be prepared and prepared. Those of this sign will feel a little away from love and sex for a few weeks, which is not bad, just that they do not need to have a partner next to them to feel complete. There are other things in life, the Capricorn know it, and neither close to love, nor launch into the void without a network without thinking about the consequences.

The Capricorn are naturally prudent, so when you talk about money, they are not those who waste it and do not measure the consequences of their actions, or rather, their expenses. It is not that your head has been thrown away by credit card, but you will feel bad about money issues throughout the month of October. The cause may be a debt of a person in your environment, an investment that has not gone too well or you have put number for an important plan that you have and that does not reach you as you expected, or at least not as quickly as you had Thinking when you had the idea or made the decision. You have to think that life is hard and that sometimes you have to fight more than others to get the same or less. Anyway, look around you and you may realize that you have no reason to complain, or at least to complain so much, that complaining is a human trait that is difficult to give away as self-sacrificing or self-denying.

Success in the professional field
When it comes to talking about labor issues, it seems that success wants to settle in the professional field after a change of attitude that began in September and that will bear fruit (or the first) throughout the tenth month of the year. It is not that you are going to fall from the sky, or a salary increase, but the stars are going to cause positive things to happen at work that can make you very easy. But yes, dear or dear Capricorn, keep in mind that nobody, absolutely nobody, is going to give you anything. Fight, work, sow and collect, and if they do not give you anything, fight once more to get what you have earned.

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