Capricorn Monthly Horoscope | August 2017

The month will be highly favorable, but only the most daring and independent Goats will manage to reach their goals without problems. The support of Venus will act differently

Horoscope Monthly Capricorn

August 2017

As you get started in the month, keep your friends close and any problems closer, Capricorn. The planetary alignment in your letter indicates that honesty is going to be a key issue for you this month and this will serve you. If someone in your close circle of friends is causing problems, keep this situation in mind and do not get carried away by the drama. If you are in a relationship and you have been saving something from your partner, now is the time to open it out. Do not be afraid - honesty is always the best policy and you will be surprised by a positive response if you manage to be transparent. The truth will set you free this month, and your relationship with your partner will go to a new and stronger place, Capricorn.

Single Capricorn, if you're ready to mingle with people - this is going to be a month to get out and get involved! The planetary alignment in your letter indicates that there will be a strong focus on romance this month. As the full moon ascends the August 7 you will know what you want and you will be ready to go out and get it. You probably want to explore your deepest desires. If you are tempted to enter into a work romance, make sure you think about it first. As long as you are not endangering your career, then there is no real reason why you can not go for that person. Take it slowly, however, and make sure to keep your romance for after work hours, Capricorn.

The month will be highly favorable, but only the most daring and independent Goats will manage to reach their goals without problems. The support of Venus will act in a different way: in many Cabras it will strengthen the bonds of love, creating a climate of fidelity, understanding and companionship; it will increase conjugal stability and the desire to procreate.

But in more liberal and adventurous Cabras the incentive of Venus, together with Mars, will increase the passionate desire, do not hesitate to start turbulent clandestine relationships, if they manage to shake off boredom and give you the opportunity to discover new sensations. They will not hesitate to throw routine and worn-out stable relationships out the window, as Uranus continues to transit through Capricorn, and in its gravitation will destroy those unions that do not have a firm base. Until mid-month you will have more opportunity to analyze and deepen your feelings and aspirations.

The optimum planetary influx will grant you peace of mind and a greater knowledge of your internal forces. Do not hesitate to make determinations in this period. If you want to marry or commit, do not think about it anymore: decide.

If you want to change jobs, buy a car or a computer, Mercury guarantees great results. If you have any fear regarding your professional activities do not forget that Capricorn is the "I can" of the Zodiac. You will achieve important success if you trust yourself and if you manage to control your outbursts of bad mood, which will only lead to dark depressive wells.

During the whole month you will have a super energy thanks to the excellent influence of the red planet. The organic problems that afflicted him will disappear as if by magic. Nobody can call him a pessimist and a spoilsport because it will radiate optimism and joy of life, of course there will be some days where the Moon can alter its mood, it is precisely there when it should prevent melancholy from taking over you.

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