Monthly horoscope Capricorn | Julio 2017

The month will not be at all flattering. The planetary influences can unleash episodes of high dramatic content, especially until the middle of the month

Horoscope monthly Capricorn

July 2017

This month Saturn would move through your eleventh house, this would make you move heaven and earth in your work to succeed. You will get benefits from all kinds of sources. Students can go abroad to pursue higher education. You are advised to take care of your well-being. The transit of Jupiter in the ninth house would cause your father and mother to lean towards spirituality. At this stage, your brothers could make great progress in their personal or professional life. It is not good for the state of health of you and your mother. There are chances that you fall prey to injuries and accidents. Stay alert and watch while driving. They would increase your expenses in a while. Sudden losses of wealth are likely. Minor confrontations at home could make relationships at home difficult. The transit of Mars in the sixth house advises you not to be careless towards your health and well-being.

The month will not be at all flattering. The planetary influences can trigger episodes of high dramatic content, especially until the middle of the month, when the most typical Goats will be easily pushed towards excesses and exaggeration in the affective terrain.

Capricorn will demand too much from life, they will want to fully enjoy all the satisfactions that come their way, but that will only sink them into deep depressive wells so frequent in the children of Saturn. Those Capricorns who suffer emotional problems will want to forget their sorrows by letting themselves be tempted by the pleasures of good food, which will only increase their weight. If you are sad, go for a run or walk, practice tennis or swimming, but do not ever sit at home watching television or try to overcome boredom by eating.

Las Cabras have in their favor the support of Mars until the 26 day, and thanks to this energetic planet they will have an extra quota of energy, drive and vitality. Therefore, do not waste it or waste your time ruminating fears, sorrows, grudges or envies. Unload your energy flow by doing something productive.

Until the 13, because of strong opposition from Venus, the period will be unfavorable for love and family relationships. Try to avoid getting married or compromising: you would run too many risks of failure. It is also not a good time to start divorce proceedings.

In the workplace will not appear too many opportunities to change, innovate or progress, as Capricorn is interested. It is not a good month to request increases or to request promotions. The competition between co-workers can come to cause some bad time.

The best will be to be prepared. Capricornians must make a great effort to maintain optimism.

Lucky days: 17, 19, 22

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