Capricorn Monthly Horoscope | September 2017

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

September 2017

With so many planets transiting in your earth sign, Virgo, this month, it's a good match for your well-organized energy. Many things, including the professional career, will be put in place the way you expected, and your romantic life will also benefit this month. While the Sun and Venus are still in Leo until the 19, their eighth house of shared finances and personal closeness, the heat will be open for passionate activities. Couples, if you want to explore your more moderate and daring side, try to escape during the 15 weekend when the Moon flirts shamelessly with Venus. If you are single, this is a perfect weekend to go on a date (even a first date) and the vibrations could have serious and lasting effects on your love life. Things are changing around for the better. You wanted it, you knew it and you knew it, you would not stop until you got it all because you deserve to have it all, we all do it.

Pluto, the planet that shakes things, will go straight into your sun sign on the 28, so if you have felt stuck in a rut or unhappy with your financial situation since April, know that September will break that energy. Meanwhile, you have Venus spreading love throughout your eighth house of shared money. If someone wants to give you a great opportunity to animate your bank account, take care or spend as you have not gone in a while, do not let the pride of block. Accept everything with a smile. When it comes to the energy of the couple, you have certainly done your part to contribute to the "family" and Venus wants you not only to be abundant but happy. By the time Pluto starts moving forward, Mercury will move to its 10 home racing, pushing it to the next level.

Brave Mars moves in his adventure sector the 5, which leads him to venture out of his comfort zone. This is a good time to try something new, either traveling to an exotic land, taking a course of study or writing a book. On the same day, Mercury will move directly into its Privacy Sector. It will be easier to address sensitive issues that caused tension during the month of August. Take this opportunity to expand an olive branch and forge a new understanding.

The full moon of the 6 day could bring news that makes you breathe a sigh of relief. You will be happy to hear about the improvement of a family member's health or some improvements in the community. Mercurio Intelectual moves to its Advanced Learning Sector on 9 day. This is an excellent time to apply to the school, apply for a scholarship or sign up for an advanced course. The 19, artistic Venus joins Mercury in the same area of ​​your horoscope.

Studying painting, music, theater or design could be enormously satisfying. A New Moon tense on the same day could cause fear of undermining your school ambitions. Stop listening to your inner critic and take an opportunity in self-improvement this September. The Sun Commander enters his Professional Sector on 22 day, helping him to get a promotion or a high profile job. If you have been thinking about running for political office, this would be a good time to do it. Powerful Pluto moves directly in his sign on 28 day, which impels him to become his best self. Take this opportunity to develop your natural talent and break bad habits. Logical Mercury is transferred to your professional sector on 29 day, helping you to communicate effectively with your peers and superiors.

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