#Capricorn from 13 to 19 from February

#Capricorn from 13 to 19 from February

#General: If you have plans for this week, they might include a crazy party at your house. As if it were not enough to spend Valentine's Day with your love, you may want to invite your friends for a splendid evening. However, later, when the lights go out, your passionate side can come to light. The entrance of the Sun into your communications sector this weekend can be an opportunity to make social contacts. If you thought about learning about a new topic, get going.

#Love Couples: How much energy do you dedicate to your relationship? Do you feel that you ignore other areas of your life so that your love life works? Even a little? Something has to give, because to continue like this will not be possible forever. This weekend brings a bit of welcome mood and that the couple has fun can be a great help. The best way to relieve stress is to be able to laugh when things go wrong.

#Amor Singles:
Do you remember all the hard work you put in at work, school or your favorite hobby? What would happen if you applied that kind of effort to find someone special? Paying more attention to your love life at the beginning of the week can get you very positive results. You love to laugh over the weekend, so going to a comedy club or watching your favorite comedy movie is the perfect date. The more sarcasm or puns, the better.

#Profession: This is a powerful period for you. It is an especially fortunate moment for a new beginning. Meet as many people as possible in order to improve your career prospects. Certain events demand honesty and a lot of attention to detail. A more social energy is activated now. This is a good time for presentations and team meetings. You will find it easy to collaborate with people who need your support and organizational skills.

#Money: You may have to prepare yourself for a disappointing news this week. Even though you are invited to share your knowledge and skills with others, preferably for fun and gain, your work life is being hit with more rules, regulations and paperwork. There are. And although the monotony may not be to your liking, it is better than other alternatives. Open yourself to suggestions and you will earn more in the long term.

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