#Capricorn from 20 to 26 from February

#Capricorn from 20 to 26 from February

#General: A desire to renovate your home could make you make radical decisions. With the powerful entrance of Mars to your domestic sector, it may be a good opportunity to order the disorder and make big changes in your home. In the next few days, an even bigger opportunity involving a move or perhaps enlarging or remodeling your home in some way may appear for the better. In addition, the Solar Eclipse in your communications sector could bring interesting news.

#Love Couples: You are a tornado of ideas at the beginning of the week, which could overwhelm your partner. Go slowly, at least until your partner is encouraged to go faster. Great things are to come during the weekend, so you may be disappointed when your plans do not turn out as you expect. It is an advantage that you master the art of reorganization.

#Amor Singles: Your only romantic problem at the beginning of the week is who to say yes to. You have many offers, but it's not fair to leave someone hanging. You have gone through periods in which the opposite happened, so do not let all that attention go to your head. An appointment that you are looking forward to could be canceled during the weekend, but try not to disappoint yourself too much. Re-plan it as soon as possible.

#Profession: You could feel vaguely as if something was wrong. There is nothing wrong with you. Do not take seriously a thoughtless comment from a client or co-worker. This is a good time to fill in the gaps and build a foundation for any ambitious project. Express your ideas You can shine in any occupation related to health. Things will begin to settle. It's good to be lazy from time to time!

#Money: This week, the Universe is improving your creativity, but also making you work a little harder than it should. At the same time, your communication sectors, institutions, karma and past lives are affected. This is not the time to anger your boss or to demonstrate your independence strikingly. Try to get along

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