#Capricorn of 27 from February to March 5

#Capricorn of 27 from February to March 5

#General: The desire to start a home-based business could get you excited this week and you will not be willing to start. But it would be wise to first evaluate the details and make sure you're on the right track. As fabulous as an opportunity may seem, there could be obstacles that you did not anticipate and that you should consider. Venus becomes retrograde, so you could solve a certain financial issue in an orderly manner.

#Love Couples: Were you too intolerant of your partner? Have you been working so much lately that you forgot to relax and enjoy time with him or her? Spend time with your partner at the beginning of the week and do something they want to do and not something they should do. There are places that offer discounts for couples during the weekend, but you should know what to order. Being a couple is a financial advantage for you if you know how to manage the system.

#Amor Singles: Are you being too self-demanding? Are you taking full responsibility for something in a past relationship that was clearly the fault of both? Instead of asking an ex for forgiveness, try to forgive yourself. You feel that life is more difficult in solitude than being in a relationship during the second half of the week, but do not let that depress you. Asking for a table for a person is not as lonely as it sounds.

#Profession: You could feel as if you were on an emotional roller coaster at work. There is an intense energy that could make people talk and behave in ways they would normally think twice. Be patient. Things are clarified shortly. These are lucky days for group meetings, recognition events, and work related to food service. You can shine by helping the interests of children and the elderly.

#Money: You have some activity in your work sector now, which means you are being asked to do a lot of tasks. Because this house also governs your health, try not to overdo it or else your health could be affected. He is sure there will be some tension this week. Go to travel and learn new ideas to vent.

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