#Capricorn weekly horoscope from 6 to March 12

#Capricorn weekly horoscope from 6 to March 12

#General: Your curiosity may be awoken by several fragments of conversations, the things you read online or even by a TV show that captures your imagination. In the next few days, you may investigate certain topics and get excited about the idea of ​​learning more about it. Whatever arouses your interest could indicate a new trend in your life. Your recreation sector also looks more lively, with romantic opportunities waiting for you right now. If you want to impress a certain person, seduce them through the senses.

#Love Couples: You dedicate yourself to your partner at the beginning of the week, but that does not take away the desire to be somewhere else. You are not dodging your responsibilities, but you can not keep your mind from wandering. Both are capable of a prank at the end of the week because they have very creative ideas when they think together. Do not do anything illegal, of course!

#Amor Singles: You are one person, so it can be difficult when more than one romantic opportunity is presented at the beginning of the week. Try it with a person first, and if that does not work, move on to the next one. Your sense of humor makes you have some uncomfortable moments during the weekend, but do not resort to sarcasm. Saying things in the face is better than hiding your feelings.

#Profession: You may be the only person working hard now. This is the right time for cleaning, organizing and reviewing. The more preparation you have, the better the position you will find for success in the future. Do not hesitate to receive extra work from the boss. You are the one who holds everything together. Office meetings can work to your advantage if you combine business with pleasure.

#Money: You provide a pair of fresh eyes to the events of this week with activity in your appearances sector. A friendship can have a useful suggestion on how to earn more money or get the promotion you've been looking for. Even if you do not think the same, listen to this person. Maybe this situation with more clarity than you. You are asked to bring a much more serious side of your personality to the table.

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