Capricorn Weekly Horoscope | 11 to the September 17

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

September 11 to 17

An escalation of occupation will occupy most of its time during the last quarter of Luna in Gemini. When you have enough time to take a break (most likely over the weekend) you will find yourself craving a deeper intimacy with someone you love. You will be inspired to participate in conversations and activities with your love that will fuel the fire in the relationship. On the contrary, you can choose to spend time with a wise friend to exchange ideas about each other's personal life. The more open you are about your wishes, desires and fears, the more satisfaction you will get from the conversation.

The Venus-Saturn trine has a very sexy environment for you, so you'll want to spend a lot of time with your lover! If you are single, a flirtation could easily lead to something else, but be prepared for some very intense encounters.

It's very hard to be the only person who does not go to that job retirement activity, but he just does not see the point, apart from the networking and teaming strategies and for Jim to show that he's the best at golf and for Maria tell everyone that she is getting another dog, all the things you like, but you do not need a job retirement to get you in the mood to do your job. You also know that this costs you money, maybe the company is covering the resort fee and the air fare, but the meals, spending money, all this adds up.

You'll have to take an Uber at least a couple of times and that's just money you do not have right now. So you're upset that everyone else gets to do this funny thing and they just want to do the job because that's what you're there for, you do not care about the political people about who you think you're a caring and compassionate employee and who He thinks his head way sucks. Honestly? If you are doing work that cares about how you are doing, that 'it is not really anyone's responsibility, but your own. If your boss has some information for you, you can easily book a review meeting with you and review things, you think it's the professional way to do it, but what do you know? You are simply the pragmatic, hardworking and dedicated person who does not care about frivolous "work advantages".

The Moon moves to Gemini on Monday and everyone is buzzing about this awesome work reward thing. The Moon moves to Cancer on Wednesday while Venus trills Saturn, bringing positive influence to business relationships. The Sun puts Saturn on Thursday bringing feelings of inadequacy. The Moon moves to Leo on Friday and spends the weekend there as Venus is sextile to Jupiter allowing her to express her feelings about how it would be easier to have performance reviews. Mercury is in conjunction with Mars on Saturday bringing intellectualism.

Ascending: Ugh, you do not care about being a renowned person.

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