Capricorn Weekly Horoscope | 14 at 20 in August

Horoscope Capricorn Weekly

14 to August 20

Stop trying to prove to others that they are wrong! You may be right about something, but there is no need to work on this issue. The energies this week ask that you be more accommodating in other points of view, and less dogmatic about your own.

Slow and constant is something that will make everyone around you want to strangle you, not that any of them would reach that point, but you would certainly be wondering why you have to triple your work before sending it, because there are definitely some other steps to complete and when you get stuck you are a scratched record that does not stop repeating the same song. And all that you repeat things in music has only become a thing of the last decade, if someone in the 50 years had heard the way that singers like Lady Gaga repeat themselves when a record is grated, they would throw it in the trash . You also know the song, "Telephone," go ahead and listen to it, and tell me that up to a point it's not annoying.

Well, now you understand that when you get stuck somewhere, it's annoying to the people around you, purely because you will not move things forward. Sometimes communication is the best thing in the world, but if you repeat a lot, if you got stuck at a particular point, and if you continue with every opportunity you get, people will start to wonder about your credibility. Another good example is when HBO shows the series "Newsroom", in one episode, Neil is convinced that Bigfoot is real, and at every staff meeting opportunity he does, he mentions it, to the point where everyone is snarling when he says it and leave the room, refusing to listen to their evidence. You do not need to be Neil, you can be you and you can keep going to bring interesting and varied ideas to the table, you can review your work, and you can move things forward in all aspects of your life. The Moon begins the week in Taurus and you are a slow moving turtle. The Moon moves to Gemini on Tuesday and you do not seem to stop repeating the same things. The Moon moves to Cancer on Thursday while Venus is square to Jupiter brings insincerity and a little bit of acidity. Venus is quincunx to Saturn on Friday brings isolation, what can be good? The Moon moves to Leo on Saturday while Mars is sextile to Jupiter, bringing confidence and inspiration.

This week a renewal cycle will begin for all the people of Capricorn. For some time you have been dissatisfied with your life, the things that once made you happy now no longer satisfy you. You feel like giving a change of direction to your life, but you do not know where to start. However, during the next few days you will meet a person who will be fundamental for your emotional and spiritual transformation.

In the workplace, it will be a very difficult week for all Capricornians. It will be very important that you save your energies because your boss will be more fool than usual during the next days and it does not make any sense that you try to reason. In the economic field, you will be better and better and this week you will be able to acquire those objects that you wanted long ago. In the sentimental field, the men and women of Capricorn will have a week full of disappointments. You had recently started a relationship and you were very excited because you thought that you had finally found the ideal partner.

However, during the next few days you will notice some strange attitudes of your partner that you had previously overlooked. To get you out of doubt, you will begin to look for the causes of your unusual behavior and discover something that will deeply disappoint you. Your partner has a relationship with someone other than you. Despite the pain and disappointment, you will be able to get ahead thanks to the support of your friends and family, who will help you through this difficult moment.

Ascending Capricorn: It will always be great when you get out of your hamster wheel.

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