Capricorn Weekly Horoscope | 4 to the September 10

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

September 4 to 10

You will see your desires from a higher perspective while Mars travels through Virgo. Your inner orientation and purpose will provide motivation in what you are focused on. Mercury in Virgo will inspire you to acquire knowledge and share your wisdom with others. What does all this mean for your love life? You will need people around you who are in tune with your spiritual / philosophical vision of life. As such, seek love through an activity that supports your personal growth. Education or distance can play a role in romance too. This weekend is an excellent time for an appointment!

The problems of the study need your attention. If you are in education, do everything possible to not be left behind. If you are working, seek to develop new skills or take some type of training. Take advantage of the initiative to improve yourself and your position.

You feel good with the idea of ​​making your savings game, somehow when you are being very practical you tend to shine in the workplace, because you want all the bonus money that you might be willing to come to you, and you You will have any extra time if it will help you achieve that final goal faster.

He is also booking time with that financial advisor earlier in the week so he can feel richer than he thinks he is, and get that worry off his shoulders for the time being. So life becomes this monotonous dance of being very aware of what you spend, what you consume, what you do at work, because you do not want to get on the ground, you want to prosper. You will really feel good about being conservative, because it allows you to understand the value of things that do not cost money, it allows you to enjoy the things you have already bought, it allows you to make sandwiches to take with you to work so that you do not go to the local cafeteria.

You may have the need to slip later in the week, buy a really good sub meatball or an iced cappuccino because you do not like office coffee, you can not believe how bad it really tastes, and you need that caffeine boost to get through, but made of fun: Wal-Mart sells awesome granola bars with caffeine and b vitamins and there's a good way to get the energy you need for the day.

The Moon begins the week in Aquarius and you are going to cut all the useless expense. Mars moves to Virgo on Tuesday and we have a full moon moving through Aquarius to Pisces and feeling good about the simple things in life. The Moon moves to Aries on Wednesday, but its frozen cappuccino is completely lost. The Moon moves to Taurus on Saturday while Mercury moves to Virgo and you'll find compromises.

Upward: Life is about doing things in moderation
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