This Capricorn Horoscope | 28 from August to 3 from September

Horoscope of this Capricorn Week

28 from August to 3 from September

This Capricorn Week being more aware of your inner life will be the gift of the Moon from the first room in Sagittarius. Your need for more love, recognition, freedom or something else will come out to play. Then you can make the decision to embrace the need or let it go. Also, be aware of the emotions that limit your ability to share your heart. Mercury retrograde in Leo will inspire you to talk about sex, psychology, psychic phenomena or healing. You will be inclined to look beyond appearances, which will give you a better chance to find true love and / or make new friends.

This Capricorn Week there are moments in which life is going through as if the air was made of molasses, or as if you were walking through a pool, and every step you take is done with gigantic effort, as if you were pulling a tank behind you. It has been very difficult for you to get motivated to do the amazing things that you usually do because there is no passion in working harder and no smarter, there is no joy in knowing that, if you earn a lot of money, everything will be useless because you will only have to Go to bills or someone who does not really like it, or for some debts you need to pay for the status.

And that's where the real resistance is coming into play, which has reached a point where you can not be frivolous with your money anymore, so even though you have these big dreams and these awesome goals, you also have a line of background to cover, And you need to do boring work to get the money to pay the bills and there is not just to get around that now. You have hit the ground of no fun and if you want your goals to resolve, you will have to tweak those pennies and pay off some debts so you can be free and clear, and feel like you are capable of taking those Risks again. The kind of advice you need is from a financial advisor who can help you consolidate those bills and come up with a payment plan that works so you can go back to living the good life faster.

This Capricorn Week the Moon moves to Sagittarius on Monday and nobody likes to be super responsible when there is fun to be had. Mercury moves to Leo on Thursday when the Moon moves to Capricorn and sees the targets, and the mountain of money it takes to get there. The Moon moves to Aquarius on Saturday and you need financial advice. Mercury is in conjunction with Mars on Sunday, bringing intellectualism.

During this week some inconveniences will arise in the life of Capricorn. It will be a hectic week for people of this sign. The difficulties will not stop crossing your path. You will not be able to get to your work schedule because there will be some problem with the means of transport you use.

If you go by car, get ready for a visit to the mechanic. For some time now, you have felt uncomfortable and frustrated in your workplace and this discomfort will intensify in the coming days. The last few months you have desperately searched for another job, but it did not appear, you got depressed and you stopped looking. You resigned yourself thinking that at least you had work, but that is a conformist and mediocre thought that will help you to get ahead. However, this week the stars will impel you to leave the passivity and go out to find a job in which you can feel fulfilled.

If you look for it, you will find it. It will be a week of new beginnings in love for the people of Capricorn. Your most recent partners have been a failure and that is why you are convinced that love is not something for you. However, this weekend will appear that person who will fill you with desire to try again and bet again on love. You tend to think things too much, live the moment without thinking so much about the future.

Upward: You are determined to get there, but only if your debt does not increase

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