Capricorn Weekly Horoscope | 21 at 27 in August

Horoscope Capricorn Weekly

21 to August 27

Examine your motivations carefully. This is not the time to intrigue or manipulate, or to treat others as fools. Be open and honest in all your dealings this week - and be true to yourself as well. The Eclipse leaves no hiding place.

Do not take anything at first sight on Monday 21 of August when a rare and powerful new moon in Leo (the first one happened the 23 of July) activates his eighth mystical house, mysterious and erotic. If that is not enough to get your full attention, consider that it is also a super-charged solar eclipse, which is sure to trigger some great plans and launch a couple of major new projects in the next six months. These can be more intense situations than you are used to, so you will have to conserve and focus your energy. You are not someone who leaves you, Capricorn, but for a new door to open, you probably have to close one that is still ajar. There is no misunderstanding or negotiation allowed! It is about things to do or die, super-intense, of the eighth house of which we are speaking here. On the positive side, you do not have to go alone. In fact, since this kingdom also regulates shared resources and investments, you can connect with a perfect partner. But do not trust that person to call all the shots. Under this powerful lunar ascent, it is essential that you do your own research, including consulting with your financial gurus. But if everything happens to come together, you might be lucky in a lucrative passive income agreement that brings a healthy ROI, such as a real estate rental property or a startup of innovative technology. On a more personal level, this eclipse has the potential to restart your mojo. If you do not totally feel the chemistry, do not blame it on other people. Get accelerated by moving your body in a fun and sensual way: ecstatic dance, S Factor, or any hip opening exercise. While in the "makeover mode", update your lingerie drawer. Of course, with sensual Venus radiating in this kingdom on Saturday (until September's 19), you really will not need costumes to get your sexy!

A traveling spirit hits on Tuesday, when the intrepid Sun launches Virgo and his ninth house of travel, adventure, education and anything that even hints at expansion. Even your obedient sign will feel the call of the open road-or friendly skies-or anything that is new and exciting. You will fully understand Marie Kondo's concept of getting rid of anything that does not bring her joy between now and the September 22. If you have vacation time, book a last-minute summer getaway-alone, with your partner or with friends. You can not escape? You can clear up the itching a little by getting lost in travel blogs, reconnecting with friends in foreign, exotic (or simply "other places") locations and creating fee alerts for when you can go. The ninth house governs everything global and multicultural, and can make the most of the Sun's stay through this area by magnifying its own horizons. Mixing with people who grew up differently to you will stimulate your mind and, if you are single, you could excite more than just your brain cells.

His earth sign knows all about the limits, but he may have struggled for the past five months to enforce them. That's because their ruling planet, structured Saturn, has been spinning backward (retrograde) in its twelfth nebula house, possibly causing co-dependency problems to raise its disturbing heads. But this annual course correction comes to an end on Friday, when the dog of the zodiac structure resumes forward movement. Now you will be ready to declare clearly - and strongly defend - your personal limits with other people. You will feel stronger and more connected to your own desires, and your intuition will be sharper than ever. Trust your gut, Capricorn. It will not drive you bad.

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