Capricorn Weekly Horoscope | 18 to the September 24

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

September 18 to 24

You are looking for a touching connection. The New Moon and Venus in Virgo are awakening their desire for a superior form of love that aligns with their purpose. You can feel inspired to share your compassion through an activity that makes the world a better place. On a personal level, romance can come through an admirer from another country or culture. Participating in a spiritual group can bring someone who is in tune with their beliefs, hopes and dreams. The influence of Neptune can prevent you from taking action on a love interest until your feelings are clear. If you are matched, exploring a new area or activity will spice up the relationship.

The trips stand out during this New Moon. It does not have to be far - exploring the next city is as good as a trip around the world. What counts is that you see new views, hear new sounds and meet new people.

You have completely surrendered to your professional career and have left all other aspects of life completely relegated. So much work has paid off and you have become a prestigious person in your professional field. However, this week you will feel the need to get back in touch with those friends you have not seen for so long. Do not expect that after so much indifference on your part they will welcome you with open arms, but if you insist, the anger will go away and you will be able to recover them.

You will realize that your life needs more balance, that is why you will start a recreational activity that will help you to disconnect from work and reencounter your emotional part. You are very comfortable with the position that you occupy in your place of work. However, this week they will make a proposal that implies a position with greater hierarchy, higher salary and, of course, greater responsibility. The idea will take you completely by surprise and at first you will think about rejecting it. Do not do it, it is true that you are happy where you are now, but life implies challenges and changes, and you have all the attributes to face them successfully. In love you are in an idyllic moment, full of passion and romance.

Take this week to make reservations and decide to make the trip that you want so much with your partner.

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