Runes Capricorn Week | 10 to the 16 of July | Text

Runic prediction and angelic message for the sign of Capricorn for the week of the 10 to the 16 of July of 2.017

Runes Capricorn Week

10 to the 16 of July

This is the version of the post with the transcription of the video included IN THIS ENTRY, with a series of tips and novelties that we hope you also like, anyway we would like you to give us opinions in the posts that you would like to see added to the spreads or predictions in order to reach you more deeply, since everything we do With the utmost respect and love of the world towards you, it is what makes us strong every day.

The rune that governs you speaks of benefits and material and immaterial abundance. It is a good time to acquire goods, if you have been meditating about it. It announces success, development and personal evolution, goals that will be achieved. It will materialize the fruits of the effort made and points out that it is time to do better not only materially but also internally. It is possible that to get these positive changes you must leave something behind on the road. Something that anchors you or simply does not allow you to evolve or assume new responsibilities.

In the health, you feel strong, however, this may be temporary. The runes indicate that, as soon as you notice that your mood drops or that your health suffers, consult a specialist. It does not have to be a doctor. The advice of a friend or someone more wise, can help you to get out of that small stalemate that you can feel. It is important that you listen, but do not take it as an absolute truth, but reflect on it and act accordingly.

At work you will find yourself distrustful of your environment. Something will make you not comfortable and not trust colleagues or superiors. However, perhaps all you need is to calm down and look around you. This will dissipate your doubts and you will be able to continue working your work with alacrity and speed. In this way you will feel protected and perhaps new paths will open before you where you can grow professionally.

In love Destiny is weaving something special and magical for you. There is no place for worry because it is not possible to worry about what has not yet happened, however, it is more likely that what destiny is cooking for you will be satisfactory. You simply have to flow and let circumstances take you down that quiet path that you will walk through. You will feel happy and comfortable.

The Council of the Angels: Love is forgetting one's Self; Jealousy is the most vehement form of selfishness. Love means trusting in the people you love and who love you.

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