The 5 things that Capricorn hates the most

The five things that most hate the sign of Capricorn

Kind and fulfilled by nature, natives of the sign of Capricorn do not hate in the light of day, but cultivate secret grudges against everything they consider unfair and wrong in the world. Rarely do they do something against specific people, because their sense of solidarity prevents them, but they will not stay with their arms crossed before an abuse ...

1 The lack of discipline
The Capricorn are meticulous in the performance of their duties. They prepare thoroughly to perform their tasks, and are perfectionists in every detail. For them there is no reason to indulge. If we do not aspire to excellence, why are we in the world?

For these reasons, they do not tolerate badly done jobs, those who resign themselves to mediocrity and half-hearted arrangements. For them, every person must make full use of their potential in every business of life.

2 Infidelity
This is a very delicate subject for the Capricorn, and it is better not to tell them the idea, not even as a joke. For them, the idea of ​​a betrayal by the beloved person is something as inconceivable as it is unforgivable. It can not be allowed to happen: for Capricorn the infidelity of the beloved person is, first of all, his fault. When it happens they wonder what they stopped doing, what they did not give, what they should have invested ... This sense of responsibility makes them hate themselves before the infidel who has broken their lives.

3 The cruelty against animals
Due to their animal part, the Capricorn are very empathetic with other species. They maintain a deep communication with all kinds of animals, and not rarely do they value relationships with their pets more than with people. They do not conceive that acts of cruelty can be committed against any form of life (even against those harmful), and will always stand between the victimizer and his innocent prey.

4 The rudeness
Do not raise your voice or use harsh words against a Capricorn, because for them attention and kindness are refined forms of wisdom. It is only rude and aggressive who has not got rid of grudges and frustrations against the whole humanity.

5 The lack of neatness
Capricorn has a strict code of elegance, which does not waiver regardless of the circumstances. Whatever the situation, even in the middle of a tragedy, this careful follower of fashion and style, will find a way to have his clothes impeccable and groomed with all propriety. And if you go out with someone of this sign, you better try hard in this section.

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