Compatibility of signs

Compatibility of signs

Personal relationships have something magical and ineffable: subtle energies make us feel good or bad, feel attracted to some people and reject others. It is irrational, but it is a great force that shapes our personal relationships and, consequently, a large part of life and destiny.

Discovering the relationship between two signs of the Zodiac can be very helpful in understanding the mystery of love.

This world of mysterious relationships happens to us with everything from relationships of love and sex to those of parents with children. It is inevitable. It is the law of life.

Astrology helps us to understand with which people we are more or less compatible; moreover, it describes what are those favorable points of connection or those where friction occurs. That's a wonder because, at least, it helps us to be aware of what terrain we are moving.

Here you have basic compatibility, sign to sign.

However, these compatibilities tables are the basic ones, since it can not be covered here anymore. But Astrology is much more complex than all that and offers much more.

In fact, to understand the degree of compatibility more thoroughly between two people, I advise you to apply for a Custom Compatibility Study, something that in Astrology is known as Sinastria.


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