Suitable days for spells


Again, whether your spells are easy or very elaborate, it is known that some days of the week are better for certain spells than other days.

For example:

Monday: Family, fertility and children, alienate people and envy. Special day for the affections and the emotions.

Tuesday: Passion, courage, sexuality, breaking jobs. Special day for the corporal, overcome fears and break or banish all kinds of spells against you or against third parties.

Wednesday: Wisdom, employment issues, travel and legal issues. Special day for knowledge, work orders, studies, justice and everything related to travel.

Thursday: Money, prosperity and everything related to material and abundance. Special day for your easy spells of personal wealth.

Friday: Love, friendship and beauty Special day for couples, unions and everything that awakens beautiful feelings and emotions.

Saturday: Creativity, luck, protection and elimination of negative energy. Special day and the best to perform any type of energy cleanup.

Sunday: Healing protection and strength, eliminate diseases. Special day for health.

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