Scorpio 2017: year of great fortune

Scorpio 2017: year of great fortune

Personal Life in the 2017:
You may not recognize the great fortune that you are going to have this year Scorpio! The conjunction of Sun-Pluto at the beginning of the 2017 could keep your mind connected, intense and focused on your chosen work. Be alert to lucky opportunities and get ready to jump. Pluto, your modern ruler, will keep your mind sharp and intense throughout the year.

The conjunction of separation Mars-Neptune in Pisces might awaken in you strong feelings sometimes, but Mars, your ancient ruler, will keep you moving forward and will not allow you to sink into doubt.

Once the Sun enters Scorpio, the Sun will be in conjunction with Jupiter and Mercury. Your stroke of luck arises from this aspect. Mars will also be entering Libra, which will keep you involved and connecting with other soulmates and people with whom you share goals and purposes.

Your drive to achieve success will be unbreakable. Your desire for love and respect will also have no limits. The outside world may sometimes be crazy, but at the end of each day, you will return to what matters most in your life.

The 2017 will be a powerful and powerful year in which nothing can distract you, disturb you or stop you if you have determination. Get out of yours!

Love in the 2017 - Couples:
Love is abundant and surprising for couples in the 2017. In January, the conjunction Mars-Neptune keeps the romance alive no matter what happens. Your sensitivity to your partner will be at its highest point. There may even be times when you seem to be wearing pink glasses. And knowing who made the mistake can be difficult on certain occasions. Your desire for an ideal and intense love will not disappear.

Jupiter in Libra prefers to keep couples together. They may sometimes feel a little out of sync with one another, but in the end, they will always be together again.

Venus will be retrograde in March, starting in Aries and by the time he turns direct in mid-April, he will be in Pisces. Towards the end of the setback, you may feel that you are drowning in emotions, but you will be closer than before as a couple.

Once Jupiter enters Scorpio in October, relationships will grow stronger and both can build even more resistance into their relationship. Sexual attractiveness will also increase. No matter what the world puts in your path, you will find security in your mutual arms.

Love in the 2017 - Singles:
The dating world will be intense and constant for the Scorpions during most of the 2017. With Jupiter in Libra for ten months of the year, you can go out and meet so many new romantic prospects for whom you have enough energy.

Venus will be retrograde in March and early April, which may give you the opportunity to catch your breath socially. Once Venus advances directly once again, romance resumes its luminous brilliance. It is also a better period of time to make a commitment.

As Jupiter enters Scorpio the October 10, lovers can become more serious and make more serious demands. You feel comfortable with this and you may even prefer it. When you connect with someone who is as dedicated and serious as you are, you will feel it instantly.

December will also be a month with a serious tone with the Sun and Saturn being in the thoughtful and determined Capricorn. The issues related to love should start to work better for you.

Profession & Money in the 2017:

Your finances, career and work worries will be under a bright light in the 2017. Your innate and serious determination will receive the support of the Sun-Pluto conjunction in the Capricorn professional. The year begins with a big and bold vision and then adopts a pragmatic and patient attitude.

Do not expect big changes or instant gratifications. The 2017 is the year to stick to your own, work hard and move forward even if progress is slow or invisible.

Jupiter will be retrograde from February to the beginning of June. The pace of progress may lose its speed and your partners or allies may hesitate, but relations will improve in the summer.

Saturn will be retrograde from April until the end of August in the ambitious Sagittarius. For the autumn, that extra dose of wisdom and prudence will return.

In December, the Sun and Saturn will be in Capricorn, reinforcing your financial situation and moderating any impulse to overspend or buy overly generous gifts. This will position you for a great next year!

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