#Escorpio 10 / 03 / 2017

#Escorpio 10 / 03 / 2017

#General: Today you might not be so tolerant of other people's shortcomings. Most likely there is a sense of restraint that does not allow you to be where you would like to be. Try not to blame others for your misfortunes. Use that degree of depression and melancholy to create a state of rebirth in which you emerge from the ashes with a new plan of action. Today, there is a serious tone to your thoughts.

#Love: What can you do to bring a little romance to your life? Whether you want to bring your relationship to life or meet someone straight out of your favorite book or movie today, if you feel love, you will attract love. Use your favorite accessory - a smile - and see what happens.

#Profession: Domestic issues are at the forefront of your concerns, and at this time they are more important than labor issues. Work or not today, take care of them first, so you can concentrate on the work later.

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admin : My name is Morgana, I am a witch of 40 years, since I was very young I have been called the occult sciences and mystery, although in my family there is no history of it, but in all families there is the weirdo :), in mine It's me.