#Escorpio 18 / 05 / 2017

#General: Your health today will worry you more than usual. Make sure your internal values ​​are in line with your external actions - especially when it comes to health issues.

#Escorpio 18 / 05 / 2017

#General: Tu salud hoy te preocupará más de lo usual. Asegúrate que tus valores internos estén en línea con tus acciones exteriores – especialmente cuando se trate de temas relacionados con la salud. También deberás pensar en tener una actitud disciplinada y protectora hacia los demás. Esto te resultará fácil gracias a la energía astral en juego. Junta el lado masculino y femenino de tu personalidad como una unidad de trabajo.

#Love: Today the heavens are open and your heart should be too. You need to stop taking the lead in this relationship and allow it to evolve by itself. Feed the relationship but also give it space to develop on its own because now there are two.

#Profession: Friction with the people around you will be inevitable. Eliminate that tension by letting your most sensitive and compassionate side reappear. And in case you feel that somehow someone is hurting you, just tell that person who is hurting you. The others will swarm to your side to follow your example of kindness and honesty.

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