Horoscope of Scorpio today | 01 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of Scorpio today

01 / 09 / 2017

Scorpio today On a personal note, however, his leisure activities focus on frequent short trips, phone calls and letter writing. Direct your restless mind to new channels. Study courses will help keep you from worrying about insignificant worries. Your strong resistance and libido could be a problem for your partner or spouse as you demand more than you can give. This requires finding an additional outlet to satisfy your primordial impulses. You have the ability to turn around a social / friendship situation just now and, once this happens, you will feel very relieved and can move forward. You could be too close to a friend.

Be proud today of your achievements. You have worked hard and traveled a long way, and you have done so much for yourself. When you look at your achievements so far, you can feel very satisfied. But do not stop there. Use your own experience as inspiration to continue working toward your future dreams and goals. Aim high and move on, so you can continue this trend of hard work and success.

Scorpio today being reserved about your feelings is causing you stress. The Moon in his sector of intellect would normally induce him to express himself. But a merger with his Pluto ruler is activating his need to be in control, hence his silence. What do you need to say, Scorpio, and to whom? Keeping calm will intensify what you are feeling, and you know what will happen next: a volcanic eruption, from you. Consider writing your feelings on the subject to clarify your position. You may be surprised at what is coming; The source of the problem may not be what you think it is.

Scorpio today good time to share with yours, you had a little abandoned by the obligations of work or studies.

A good invitation from a close friend could be the way to relax talking with your neighbors, a night of drinks or a meal does not hurt anyone and you will realize today with the good time you will spend.

You have a key opportunity to be much happier, you just have to begin to realize the steps you must take in your life to achieve the long-awaited dream you've had for a long time, do not stop paying attention.

A person who needs you, will make a call, do not stop helping him in the way you can, it's a good day for it.

Love is present, but you are giving many buts to carry it out, stop making excuses, dare.

Daily Meditation: Love is when the happiness of the other person is more important than theirs. - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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