Horoscope of Scorpio today | 02 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of Scorpio today

02 / 09 / 2017

Scorpio today a double dose of celestial good luck is shown in the conjunction of Mercury and Mars, its ruler and the recent favorable aspect of Jupiter. If the use of tried and tested methods does not work for you either you are not using these proven and tested methods correctly or you just are not going to work. You may not even have to work harder or with these lucky planetary aspects shining on you today. You may have to deviate from the norm and develop your own techniques and skills so that success becomes your only one. This will not be the first time that others have deviated from the track well beaten and have been super successful.

Your loyalty can be rewarded in some way today. This can be as simple as a friend who takes it in their confidence, because they know that you are the only person you can trust. But you must feel good about the person you have become, someone that other people can trust and admire. You have been building over the years, and today it is more evident than ever that you have achieved your goal.

Scorpio today Mars in his career area linked with Uranus is giving him a new perspective of his work. It is also awakening your originality in what you are focused on. But it's not just about showing your brilliance to your boss and colleagues, but also about accessing your inner guidance to get in touch with your life's purpose. Seeing your professional life within the larger scheme of your destiny is your mission today. Now is also the time to free yourself from any limiting feelings or beliefs that you may have that hamper your ability to set goals and then use your skills, knowledge and creativity to achieve them.

Scorpio today a very active day for Scorpio.

You will have to do many things, both at work and at home.

If you have children, it is likely that you should go to fix a problem with one of them, do not reprimand strongly, but if you take advantage of teaching ways of behavior that will remain for life, use positive ways to punish, such as removing the privileges of divertimento or electronic devices.

A very important person is in a big need for your help, it is something that will involve physical effort, so be prepared to work.

Opportunities to find a job will be presented, do not waste them.

Love brings many responsibilities when you are in a serious commitment, do not stop spending time with the person you love and do not let the difficulties begin to dent the love between you, you have a great union, begin to enjoy more.

Daily Meditation: As people grow, they realize that it becomes less important to have more friends and more important to have the true ones. - Lagoon beach

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