Horoscope of Scorpio today | 03 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of Scorpio today

03 / 09 / 2017

Scorpio today do not spend good money on something that is not worth it. This could refer to renovations at home, where money could be better spent on new premises. The Moon is moving to a trine aspect of Jupiter that indicates excessive tendencies. You can spontaneously want to write down your thoughts and experiences. A friend may be having a problem similar to what happened. You may be able to help, but remember that they are different people. You want to see what are the job possibilities in your life at this stage. Just for sake interest, you could look at what jobs are available in the industry you are working for. Inform yourself

You enjoy deep conversations, but nowadays, people may not be as willing as usual to delve into their past and personal lives. The current energy is much more intellectual than emotional in tone. You will find that people move away from intense feelings and interactions. It is better not to push someone into a confrontation if they do not seem open to it. Give them a few days. They will get more in touch with your feelings.

Scorpio today you tend to be pretty secretive, so some people may find it surprising that you are being so vocal today. With the speaker Mercury united with assertive Mars in his house of repute, he can come across as a strong-willed smart-aleck or as someone who is willing to act on the facts. A clever nod of support from Uranus suggests that you are bringing something fresh and new to the table, so if your audience is smart to listen to. You can excel in any task that requires you to lead the charge towards the implementation of the change.

Scorpio today you put aside the feelings of guilt that you experienced a short time ago, you realized that you have no responsibility in the acts of others, do not let the past affect you, nor what happened to someone who belongs to that period of your life, what is done is done and you can not do anything to change it.

A very important person will make a proposal that you can not refuse, not only involves great professional challenges, but also that will bring money and a possible solution to some financial problems you have had.

It is not a good day to make promises or to commit to something that in the future will be difficult for you to fulfill.

A person who does not know you well is trying to reach you, has been amazed at how superficial he has seen you, could be someone who will quickly enter your world, show yourself natural and willing to know him.

Daily meditation: Dreams are the touchstones of our characters. - Henry David Thoreau

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