Horoscope of Scorpio today | 27 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Scorpio today

27 / 08 / 2017

Scorpio today you are impulsively affectionate and flirtatious today and feel quite restless in a stable and predictable relationship that offers little emotion. You can be very attracted to someone new, simply because of the novelty and the possibilities of adventure. In the afternoon you could be cynical, especially if someone is giving you a yarn that you do not necessarily believe. Romance can make you feel that you are indistinguishable from everyone else because you have not found your soul mate. Keep faith. Dealing with two people face is not always easy so you need to reflect this effect and play the same game to be successful.

Your mind turns to issues of human nature and the emotion of today. You can offer compassionate advice to a friend, or increase your own self-awareness through counseling or journal writing. But there is a darker potential to this influence, too. If you find yourself thinking obsessively about a certain person, or reflecting on an unpleasant memory, it may be better to distract yourself! Turn your thoughts into lighter subjects.

Scorpio today Venus moves towards the charismatic Leo and his career house and reputation. Over the next few weeks, they are likely to attract more attention in your professional circle. Friendly relations with your superiors will help increase your status and make everyone more aware of who they are and what they do. This is a good time to socialize with your colleagues and forge connections that extend beyond the workplace. Be sure to look your absolute best when mixed with motors and agitators. You do not dress for the role you have, you saw the part you feel destined to play.

Scorpio today good day to relax and try to calm the anxieties you've had during the week, a walk to the beach or a walk in the park could be a good way to achieve the peace you need so much.

A very good person will give you advice on a topic that you need to deal with urgently, accept their help, without questioning it.

You have the possibility of doing great things in your work, but you are staying behind and your superiors are noticing, if you are in the stage of studies, the same can be happening with your qualifications, do not let this happen, remember that you must prepare well for Your future.

A very dear friend could have a bad time or go through something serious, do not let her feel alone at this moment, she will need your company and your breath.

Take care of your health, you are leaving aside the precautions to avoid getting sick.

Daily Meditation: Try not to become a successful man. Rather become a man of value. - Albert Einstein

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