Horoscope of Scorpio today | 27 / 10 / 2017

Horoscope of Scorpio today

27 / 10 / 2017

Scorpio today will probably be a time when you need to be alone and in tranquility to be able to meditate about what is happening lately around you and be able to find yourself in this maelstrom of events that are happening.

It is a moment that connecting with your inner self is important for you, since it will help you to calm down, to replenish those energies that seemed to be lacking lately and to have an open mind to know exactly what is your direction to continue the path that will take you to the conclusion of your objectives.

Your encouragement
Possibly you find yourself imprisoned in the events that have taken place lately, and you may be the one who has put that prison and gag before the impossibility of facing them in good faith. It is a moment that you will feel paralyzed before the impotence of being able to do more. You should take your time to breathe and consider again what has happened to see that there really is more than one way out of this mess.

Your encouragement:

Scorpio today you will be totally keen on questions of the couple, since you really know what is between you, the role that each one represents in the function of your life and you know tenaciously your limitations and that of your partner. It is a moment of clarity in which you will share that perception with your partner, even if it is hurtful in some cases.


Scorpio today you will probably see how some of your objectives are fulfilled, you feel that some bases are being set up in the face of your economic future and how you also feel that you are relieving yourself of some earthly burdens. It is a placid moment in the economic sphere, since some advances that until now remained vetoed are glimpsed.


Scorpio today can be a day totally disastrous in terms of the work environment. Layoffs, demotions, lack of liquidity in payments or other hardships may be on the agenda. Be careful, keep your eyes open for any strange movement, since you can be one of the first to be harmed by these nefarious changes.

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