Horoscope of Scorpio today | 09 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Scorpio today

09 / 08 / 2017

You may feel a sense of abandonment from friends and even from family members during this cycle, but you must realize that what is happening is a form of attrition that will make you stronger in the end, eliminating people that are not useful for you Your generosity is still a problem for you. Advising others can take a little time and leave you exhausted. It's worth helping others, but do not become a victim during the process. Artistic creativity, music, fantasy and spiritual activities are good ways of expression now. A vacation or a break from your normal routine can be rejuvenating and uplifting.

Scorpio today is a good day for a long nap, or to spend some time huddled in your favorite comfortable chair. Reading is a good imaginative activity. That's just to let your mind wander. You are in a highly creative mindset under the current influence, and you are particularly susceptible to whatever attracts you to that side of you. Let your thoughts enter the realm of fantasy. Entertain yourself with delicious visions, even if they could never be real.

Scorpio today, as trapeze artists in a circus blindly trust that their partner will manage to take them when they jump from one place to another, you must do the same with your partner, trust that he will be able to support you in everything and you You will also do the same in return, just for the fact that they love each other and want to share life together.

Today, it is likely that you will receive a claim regarding this from the loved one.

The work is going well, the team you are in is moving forward and they need to continue doing a good job understanding that if they win one, they all win.

You should try to involve your partner more with your family, if you are just in conquest period, this is not necessary, but if you have had a good time, you should take the person of your interest to the meetings with family and bring them the best possible .

Daily meditation: Knowledge is not enough; We must apply. Desiring is not enough; we must do. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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