Horoscope of Scorpio today | 16 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Scorpio today

16 / 08 / 2017

Choose your words with care today, as there is power in the sentences to chain. Through the creative use of non-verbal communication, you can make an impact. Sometimes you need to get away from people who are toxic, especially if you have tried to solve problems, but to no avail. If vampires are eroding your valuable time, you need to put an end to that now. Working hard to earn money is an important component of success, but smart work is even more important. Learn the difference. If you are comparing yourself with others, you are limiting your relationships. You need to accept your friendships on their own merits

You are restless and uncomfortable. You are not used to being indecisive or unable to concentrate, but both are problems today. Is there something you've been thinking you're not saying? If so, this is a good time to get it out of your chest. If the problem is that you are not sure of what you are feeling, talking about it will still help, because it will allow you to clarify your thoughts and your options.

Scorpio today friends will come to your aid today, if you are going through a difficult time.

You must remember that friendship is cultivated as well as the love of a couple and we must give ourselves time to see and support those who are by their own choice at our side and decided to love us as we are.

A work meeting will be the perfect time to raise an idea that has been spinning in your head for quite some time, you will receive a very good reception with your approach, do not be afraid to express yourself.

You have the ability to feel when the people around you need you, so today you will realize that a very close being is in need of your help and advice.

Love is good and doors are opening for those who are engaged, today they could receive good news about a house they want to buy together.

. Daily meditation: Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the emotion of creative effort. - Franklin D. Roosevelt

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