Horoscope Scorpio Weekend | 22 to the September 24

Horoscope Scorpio weekend

September 22 to 24

An intense sleep could keep you behind in bed on Friday morning due to the vacuum moon of the course. Write down some notes, because you may want to explore this further, while the Sun moves through your subconscious house for the next four weeks. This kingdom also governs seclusion, so you may crave more sleep and time for meditation, prayer or silent contemplation. The Moon on your label this weekend can make you feel more sensations and be more sensitive than usual, so emotional self-care is a necessity. Stay away from negative people and stress situations so that you do not take in the energy of other people., Scorpio

There is nothing that the Scorpio can do this weekend to improve the relationship of some family members who do not just get along and, no matter how hard they try, they will not be able to fix anything. It is better that they stay out of these differences and spend time with everyone, but try to fix things.

As for love, the couple will be at their side and will give them the opinion they ask, but they should always end up deciding them. Singles will continue in this way for a while longer. And there is nothing they can do to change it, so they should not force anything.

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