Horoscope Scorpio weekend | 28 to the 30 of July

A bad run for the Scorpios in love, especially for those who are starting in a relationship.

Horoscope Scorpio weekend

28 to 30 July

This weekend you might feel the need to try something new, Scorpio. If you feel inspired, take advantage of this energy and do the things that boil in your head and cause you to have a knot in your stomach. A particular situation leaves you feeling uncomfortable with someone in your close circle of friends. Do not suspect and look for a ulterior motive - in this case it is probable that there is none. Accept things at first sight this weekend, Scorpio.

If you are in a relationship, this weekend you have to free yourself from the monotony of your daily tasks and do something that stimulates your senses. Your partner will follow your example. Single Scorpio, this weekend you need to intensify your moves and take things to the next level. If you know what you want, go find it.

A bad run for the Scorpios in love, especially for those who are starting in a relationship. The truth is that they had thought that things could go much better and that they would be much easier than they actually are. That is why they must make a decision in time before the situation gets much more complicated.

Those who are good with the couple because they have been with them for a long time, will have a weekend in which they can talk about some changes they want to make in life. Things will not be easy to reach a common point, but it's all about having a little patience. Singles, those who have fewer problems, but will not have people with whom to start a relationship.

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