#Escorpio June 2017

#General: A monetary or material concern could arise near the New Moon of the 9 in June.

#Escorpio June 2017

#General: A monetary or material concern could arise near the New Moon of the 9 in June. It will not look or sound simple, but it will be. Do not let the opinions of other people muddy your mental waters. You can do it. The New Moon of the June 23 opens the door to a much larger role in a much larger world. You may be reluctant to move forward and take your place, but you can do and say fantastic and impressive things for yourself and for others. The 29 of June, the opposition Mercury / Pluto could reveal the hidden agenda or the true intentions of a person.

Best days: 1, 11, 20

Worst days: 8, 22

#Amor Singles: Mars leaves Gemini to enter Cancer on June's 4, which puts you on the defensive rather quickly. This is nothing new. Is it possible that someone is just trying to get to know you better? Or do you think that person is trying to access your deepest secrets? Either way, you do not have to say anything you do not want to say. The opposition between the Sun and Saturn from the June 15 encourages you to learn from the mistakes of the past. If you do not learn, you will almost certainly repeat them. Why bother twice? The New Moon of the 23 of June in Cancer, affine sign of Water, emotionally enhances you. Congratulations! Now you can take the next step.

#Amor Couple: When Mars leaves Gemini to enter the 4 Cancer in June, you crave an emotional bond to be intimate. Hopefully, your partner will want to talk before going to action! The opposition between the Sun and Saturn the June 15 is the only one of the year, and not learning the love lessons that you should be absorbing could mean that you will repeat the same mistakes. If you want to progress, stay present at all times. The New Moon of the June 23 that manifests itself in Cancer changes your focus to the desire for security, so you must keep that in mind for all new beginnings. As always, your word is sacred.

#Job: You could receive a bonus for your dedication and hard work around the June 9. Part of you will think you deserve even more money for your contributions. Instead of complaining, look for opportunities for a better and bigger job. A competitive company would be happy to meet your salary demands. By the June 23, you could have the opportunity to take a business trip. Being in another place will stimulate your creativity and strengthen your ability to solve problems. This is a great time to close a deal with a new client. Learn everything you can about the chosen destination before you go on a trip.

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