#Escorpio March 2017

#Escorpio March 2017

#General: It is a month of high energies since it begins since the Moon joint with Mars the March 1. Ration your mania. You may want to socialize during the Full Moon of the March 12, but you may not want to go to a large casual party. The best moments could happen with few people, doing creative things that most people would not understand. The New Moon of the March 27 may not be an exciting madness, but it will be extremely productive and enjoyable. You can do the pending tasks on your list in a blink of an eye and feel pride and that you have done things right. Amaze yourself.

#Amor Singles: The Mars / Saturn trine of the March 5 gives you a sense of purpose. Expect constant progress, and try not to be impatient if things do not happen immediately. Think of your love life as a marathon and not as a single race. Mars visits Tauro the March 9, which could create uneven energies. As if you were trying to slow down while accelerating, you may send confusing signals at this time. Stay on flat ground, but do not be surprised if there are bumps in the road. The New Moon in Aries of the March 27 adds fire and an aggressive attitude to the mix. Someone has to get what they want, why not you?

#Amor Couple: Mars forms a trine with Saturn the March 5, which brings a profitable productivity to your relationship. What prevents you from reaching your goals? Dig deep, so that only a true Scorpion can do it. Mars leaves its comfortable place in Aries to enter Tauro the March 9, which could generate confusion and frustration in a union that for everything else is happy. Remember that problems do not last forever. Try not to exaggerate. The New Moon in Aries of the March 27 motivates you to adopt a peaceful perspective on love, and you and your partner work particularly well. If someone has to be in charge, it is obvious that it must be you.

#Job: A group project will end near March's 12 and you will breathe a sigh of relief. You no longer want to deal with colleagues who focus on insignificant details when there are important things to do. They will not go in different ways before exchanging intense words with a problematic person. Some people will not like you to spoil their shtick, but you will appreciate the opportunity to express the feelings you had saved. The March 27, may offer you an exciting project that keeps you on constant alert. You will have to learn the rules on the fly, which will be a refreshing challenge.

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