Scorpio Monthly Horoscope | October 2017

Horoscope Monthly Scorpio

October 2017

Those born under the sign of Scorpio have a tendency to be distressed. Do not do it or you will suffer more than the bill. Scorpio is a somewhat complicated sign of character. There are two different types ... there are those who take everything to the tremendous and prove it, and those who take everything to the tremendous and shut it up. Luckily they are dreamers and positive and in the end, they end up realizing that it is not so much and everything will turn out well.


It is not worth it to be anguished with things that are not too important. The tenth month of the 2017 year can be the one in which the Scorpios blow the candles of their birthday, and if not, it will touch them in the first three weeks of November, so it is not worth it to be anguished with things that They do not have much importance. Sometimes you tire people with your attitude, but you have a magnetism and you put so much passion into what you say and do, that in the end people end up loving you when they know you a little more deeply. Discover what the month of October holds for you in health, love, money and work if you are Scorpio.

Finally the catarrh arrived, and although you have taken care of yourself, you will continue to have a tendency to colds and to find yourself worse than at other times of the year, especially in the case of the Scorpio of the Southern Hemisphere, since those of the North have been born in autumn and they feel better at this time of year, no matter how much the stars blow unfavorable winds. Thus, the tenth month of the year 2017 will have some complicity in when your physical health due to the weakening of your defenses, but in return you will not suffer other uncomfortable discomfort that may appear by these dates according to the latitude of the world in which you find

Something unexpected will come
On a psychic level you will find yourself quite well until something unexpected arrives. It is expected that you will take a small scare throughout the month of October that will not be related to you, but with a loved one or a person from your environment. Those born between the 24 of October and the 22 of November are somewhat complicated, in the sense that the circumstances of life affect them more than other people of different signs since they are very emotional and fall apart with little to them. happen, so it is possible that you start the month with joy and finish it with regret. The funny thing is that this loved one has something that he or she has not given or the slightest importance, just that you make a world of all this. In October it starts to be your birthday. Are you going to celebrate it like this?

The fights of lovers have you fed up or fed up, both you and your partner. Why can not everything be like when you're fine? Know that much of the fault is you, that you see ghosts where there are none and exasperate you with any nonsense. Of course, we must recognize that although you have a very bad soon, you deflate right away and it costs you nothing to ask for forgiveness. I could learn a little about you the proud Leo ... Sentimental dramas apart, do not expect great moments with the couple, neither for the good nor for the bad, so the and the Scorpio that share their life with someone will not suffer great sentimental avatars, which is often appreciated. The stars send you tranquility in matters of the heart, but beware, because you do not know how long the truce can last.

If you have problems with your partner you should tell them if you have problems with your partner you should tell them about it
Where you will not have any truce is in bed. You will want to have sex more. In general, you feel better, except those headaches caused by third parties and your negative thoughts, and even this will make you want more sex to forget you. However, you have to take into account that according to the sign of the Zodiac to which your partner belongs, your desire may not correspond to yours, and that you have to respect it. How is that solved? If you see that something is not right for the other party, what you should do is talk about it. The communication solves many problems and will come to you very well to make things clear. But do not suffer, what sex you are going to have, and of quality, another thing is quantity, but ... is not it better little good than much bad?

Love touches many people, but not all Scorpios have a partner for whatever reason. Some and some are looking for it, and it seems that in October they will feel more eager to meet that special person with whom to share ... bed. You do not want to meet someone to ask for marriage, just to have a little fun, have a good time in bed, and be a little happier, if that is what the body asks of you. Also ... who tells you that this person who is just a friendship with the right to rubs ends up coming to your heart? For now enjoy, have fun and treat that man or woman with the respect you deserve.

As for money, you are thinking of throwing a card to treat yourself, and although the stars are more likely to be people who are savers, whatever the sign they are, the fact is that October is the right time to do it. Whenever it is something that you can pay and do not let the current account tremble, why do not you go give yourself a whim that you also deserve? You work hard, and if you are retired or retired, you keep doing a lot of things, and it does not come at all bad once you spoil yourself. You do not feel guilty and enjoy what you feel like.

You are thinking of throwing a card to treat yourself. At a professional level you will feel a bit overwhelmed or overwhelmed with a commission that you did not expect and that will put your world 'upside down' for a few days. Do not suffer, because it's not going to be anything particularly important, only that it's going to hit you at first because you did not count on it. Your professional skills are very high, and you know you can do it with everything, so maybe even this assignment will make you shine even more and give you joy in the not too distant future.

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