Monthly horoscope Scorpio | Julio 2017

The Sun, until the 22 day, will act as support for the Scorpions since, in general, the month will be marked by important ups and downs

Horoscope Monthly Scorpio

July 2017

This month Saturn would travel in the first house where your brothers would be of support and understanding. They can help you in your business or vocation and help you get the best out of you. You will work hard to accumulate wealth; You can succeed in this too. The transit of Venus in the seventh house of your moon sign would make you succeed at work. To earn more, you could plan a business trip abroad. Due to the transit of Jupiter in the eleventh house, you will be inclined towards spirituality. Relationships with your partner will be smooth. The chances that you get respect, glory and fame at work are high. For financial gains, the transit of Jupiter will play an important role. Students will achieve unprecedented success in academics. It does not seem so good for the mother's health. To maintain your mental stability, you will have to fight hard. A change of residence is likely. It presages a change in the work. A transfer is also in the possibilities for some. You can take a trip related to your work in this month. There may be small tensions in the family front, handle them carefully. The position of Mars in the eighth house indicates an inclination towards a disturbed mental state. Time does not seem very good for the health of the parents. The transit of Mercury in the eighth house is not good for the health of the brothers, they may have to suffer through ailments this month. They may also have the opportunity to travel abroad. The transit of the Sun in the eighth house predicts a sharp increase in your expenses. It is advised to remain cautious while making any investment.

The Sun, until the 22 day, will act as support for the Scorpions since, in general, the month will be marked by important emotional and labor ups and downs. They will begin receiving the good influences of Venus, which will increase the sensuality and ardor of the Scorpions, although they will be impregnated with aggressive, reckless and excessively carefree outbursts due to the opposition of Mars.

A casual encounter with an ex-lover will bring reminiscences of the past that will tempt him to reconcile, although ...

they must be very careful, because they would fall back into the mistakes and sorrows they already experienced: the relationship would be broken again from the 14, but the pain would be greater than in the past. If it is not controlled, it will cost horrors to recover from failure. In the second half of the month verbal fights will arise and if you are a Scorpion with all the virtues and defects, you will not be able to control your strong character and those arguments for trivialities could lead to strong brawls that will do much harm to you and to others.

In the second part of the month, when he no longer has sun protection, he will become a vengeful and angered Scorpion. He will be angry for everything and if he has a partner, he risks losing it. A short trip can be the solution to get away and think calmly about everything about love.

The bad position of Mercury indicates that it is a bad time to invest. Think before you act, do not be impulsive and recognize the mistakes you made earlier if you do not want to make mistakes again. If you have to take exams do not get carried away by anger or you will have to give again.

Claim your rights firmly, but be cordial. Do not run or hurry. Cracks, cuts or burns will be the order of the day.

Lucky days: 9, 18, 27

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