Scorpio Monthly Horoscope | September 2017

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

September 2017

Single or united, break the bottom a bit and show the world (or your significant other) the striking side of your personality that only comes out once in a blue moon. Mercury is now direct after a three-week retrograde period. The retrogrades can make us yearn yesterday, but the time to act is after the retrograde ends. So, if you're missing someone, call them after the 9, because Mercury needs a few more days to stand firm. The real star attraction of your September 2017 love horoscope is October. Do not feel confused. Instead, be happy because Jupiter, the donor, is about to enter your sun sign for a stay of 13 months from October's 10. Now is the time to start thinking about how your best possible life would be, next year to make this happen. Use the Law of Attraction.

When it comes to work and career as a base for your income, you tend to shine, and even more so in September with Venus in Leo, your career home, until the 19 day. This is really a great month for you in terms of career increases where you can be in the right place at the right time and meet the right people. Destiny and Saturn play their role on 12 day. If you work for yourself or someone else, you will have a great opportunity to impress those who could help you in your professional advancement, thereby increasing your bank account balance. Also circulate the September 15 when Jupiter, fortunate and financially expert, forms a wonderful angle with Leo in his home of the race. This is another day to be noticed for your talents. The only warning this month is around the same time of the month when someone can ask for a "loan." Do what you can and do not apologize for not doing everything.

The 5, the outgoing Mars moves to his Social Sector, urging him to attend parties, professional meetings and casual meetings. Do not be afraid to introduce yourself to people; You could make some new friends. Talkative Mercury goes forward on the same day, making it especially easy to connect with influential figures who can improve their career prospects. The Full Moon on 6 day could mark an exciting turning point in your love life. Being committed or married is a different possibility.

If you are already in a serious relationship, this would be a good time to buy your partner a beautiful symbol of your affection. The thoughtful Mercury begins its journey through its Social Sector on 9 day, urging him to spend more leisure time with his closest and dearest person. Hosting a party will be a great way to mix and mingle in a comfortable environment. New Moon on 19 day warns against loan or loan of money. Fortunately, diplomatic Venus enters her Social Sector at this time, helping to relieve tension in a relationship that is being damaged by financial problems.

The sun that commands enters in its Sector of Isolation the 22, inviting him to recharge his batteries in a calm refuge. Taking a solitary vacation during the second half of September could attract your lonely side. The 28, Pluto, your ruling planet, moves directly, allowing you to challenge an intimidating person who has been invading your space. Mercurio moves to his Isolation Sector on 29 day, which will prompt him to catch up on his reading or develop a writing project during his private time.

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