#Escorpio from 13 to 19 in March

#Escorpio from 13 to 19 in March

#General: The focus on your lifestyle sector could make you consider your level of productivity and think if changing your routine would help. This could also be related to your overall energy level and help you to leave tasks or activities that do not do you well at all. The same goes for your diet and your exercise routine. You may be aware of certain changes that could improve your health in an incredible way. Going out and having fun can also be stimulating.

#Amor Couple: Did you decide on something? Do you get the support of your partner, or do you suspect that he wants to sabotage your efforts? If you can not trust that your love is on your side when you really need it, maybe they need to talk. The end of the week is full of revitalizing energies, so you should finally be able to let go of the past. Clinging to bad memories is not healthy.

#Amor Singles: Your ideal partner at the beginning of the week is someone who prefers the classic, which means that free spirits are not within your range of appointments. Other Fixed Signs (Aquarius, Leo and Taurus) should call a lot of your attention. The memories of a former partner dominate your thoughts at the end of the week, and getting back together can be tempting. If there are more pros than you do, why do not you consider it?

#Profession: You can feel like you're being pulled in too many directions at once. Family needs can be a great distraction now. Do what you can to balance the many demands. Energy brings luck for any new start, including a job interview. Do not assume to know what others are thinking. Things could be better than you expect. You can earn your co-workers with homemade cookies or treats.

#Money: This week your sector of work brings you all kinds of praise at work. Those above are noticing your work and want to see you succeed. You are encouraged to talk about your personal goals and your vision for the company as a whole. Your efforts are very appreciated. They will be rewarded economically and with more benefits.

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