#Escorpio from 15 to 21 for May

#General: Mercury slowly enters your relationship sector to motivate you to have more conversations and interactions.

#Escorpio from 15 to 21 for May

#General: Mercury slowly enters your relationship sector to motivate you to have more conversations and interactions. Measuring other people's reactions before making key decisions can be crucial if everything works according to plan. Also, other factors could promote ideas that have an impact on your income and ability to earn money. If you have experienced some difficulties in this area lately, a key mix of energies could coincide with a very good job offer or business proposal for you.

#Amor Couple: Start your romantic plans during the first days of the week. Surprising your partner is a piece of cake. Most Scorpions know how to keep secrets, so it should not cost you to hide the details from your love until the big moment arrives. You do not connect with reality during the weekend and this can be a defense mechanism. It is easier to live in a fantasy world than to admit that you may have been wrong.

#Amor Singles: Have you had great disappointments in your love life lately? Yes, you have exquisite standards, but you can afford to have them. You have every reason to feel confident in yourself and you deserve the best of the best. Maybe the line that divides fantasy from reality becomes a bit blurry over the weekend, especially if you talk online with a person and not face to face. Be careful until you know if you can trust this person.

#Profession: You can shine in any situation that includes food or benefits the interests of families. Finish as much as possible early during the day, because your energy level will be stronger then. This period is important to establish productive contacts. It is also possible to build bridges with current clients. Expect to make changes to your schedule. Suddenly you can burst and say what you think, only to regret your words later. Relax and relieve tension during the weekend.

#Money: This period is about the challenges that the Universe takes us with all kinds of emotions, some of which can be useful when it comes to making money. Your brain is releasing some of your most creative materials, so keep pencil and paper handy to record what you experience. Make it special and get to work selling it to get the maximum benefit possible!

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