#Escorpio from 20 to 26 for February

#Escorpio from 20 to 26 for February

#General: Maybe what you want to do and what you should do are two different things. In fact, you may want to do whatever it takes to break a timeline that has become boring and serious. What happens is that you can not completely escape your responsibilities and this is something you might realize in the coming days. Despite the frustration you feel, it is better to take care of those responsibilities so that you can then do what you enjoy.

#Amor Couple: Self-help books, blogging tips and conversations with friends have a great influence on you at the beginning of the week, but when the time comes, you are the only person who knows what is best for your partner. If you need a second opinion, ask your partner. You have the need to change your environment in the following days, which can be a fun project to do as a couple. If your partner is not interested, do it on your own.

#Amor Singles:
You love to achieve things on your own, but the love of your life is a bigger project than you can handle at the beginning of the week. Seek trusted individuals and professional experts to get valuable words of wisdom. Personal changes and transitions are inevitable towards the end of the week, and when one door closes, another opens. Endings are not always easy, but they can be exciting if you give them a chance.

#Profession: The energy now can bring strong feelings to the surface. The cosmos makes you want to be at home or make your workplace feel more like a home. This is a good time for food, housing, and any company interested in internal affairs. Maybe people want to have fun instead of work. This is a wonderful time to dress as best as possible and make a dramatic presentation.

#Money: Currently the aspects affect your money and securities sector. But the big news is in your own business sector and groups. It's time to spread the word about what you do to attract more customers, earn more money, and even start the retirement account you've been planning.

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