# Weekly Horoscope Scoring from 6 to March 12

# Weekly Horoscope Scoring from 6 to March 12

#General: Recreation options are waiting for you, which means that the upcoming week may offer some excellent opportunities to go to parties, celebrations and to enjoy life in general. However, a match may coincide with a deep conversation and this could inspire you to make an important decision. Mars enters your relationship sector, so you will have many opportunities to calm the waters; as well as rekindle the flame of passion. In addition, exciting interactions could also be more conducive to ending certain things.

#Amor Couple: Guard down. If your love has been trying to make you let go a little, it's probably for a good reason. When you leave your inhibitions aside and you feel at ease with your better half, you are showing that you really trust that person. Having gestures of kindness at random with your partner is something that happens almost daily for you, but it gives you extra satisfaction to go further during the weekend. A genuine smile or a warm hug is the best reward.

#Amor Singles: It's time to leave your inhibitions aside. What can you lose if you let your guard down just a little? You can still keep your biggest secrets, but if someone new wants to get to know you better, give them the pleasure. You love doing nice things for people over the weekend, which could lead to some romantic misunderstandings. If someone confuses your kindness gestures as something else, gently explain your true feelings.

#Profession: This can be a stressful moment. You may want to do things a certain way but you may find blocking by people who want to do things differently or who feel threatened by your approach. Patience is necessary for the best results. Do everything possible to overcome any resentment or jealousy regarding your co-workers. This time can take you to a surprising or positive crossroads. Eliminate any need to control. Go with the flow of events.

#Money: This week illuminates the areas of your letter that want to go out and explore all that life has to offer; from the emotional, to the physical, to the spiritual. It is imperative to go with the flow when it comes to changes in the monetary front. These are not bad, but they will require a little patience.

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