Weekly Horoscope Scorpio | 03 to the 09 of July

This week the people of Scorpio will receive unpleasant surprises in the field of studies.

Horoscope weekly Scorpio

03 to 09 July

During this week, the Scorpios could get away from their family. Roces or misunderstandings in your domestic life are likely. You would be prone to health problems, especially perineal diseases within this season. The children would be happy and prosperous during this period. The students would be willing to learn new things, and would develop an immense interest in the studies. You need to pay attention to your mother's health, otherwise she might face some problems. You can visit your in-laws during this period. You are advised not to strategize and conspire in your workplace. The business partnership would be fruitful, and travel would generate good results. It is advised to avoid reckless driving, and drive with care.

This week the people of Scorpio will receive unpleasant surprises in the field of studies. Those who are studying a university career are very confident and this will play against them. During the next few days they will have to take a test and they are not trying hard because they think it will be a very easy test. This is a serious mistake because it will be much more difficult than they expected and will not be approved unless they are very prepared.

In the workplace, those born under this singo live very stressful moments this week. A co-worker will try to take away a project that has cost you months of work. Usually you are a quiet person and avoid arguments, however this time you will fight fiercely to defend what rightfully belongs to you. In the field of love, this week the Scorpio man must learn to give in some things if he does not want to lose the woman he loves. During the next few days do not demand your partner too much and try to listen attentively to what he has to tell you.

You have to realize that you can not always be the center of attention and that sometimes your partner also needs to express themselves. On the other hand, during this week the woman of Scorpio will have to overcome the sadness. You are thinking what you are going to do with your emotional life because you have recently ended a love relationship. However, the break has not been produced by lack of love but by malicious interference from the circle of friends and relatives of your partner. The stars advise you to let him go because he is a man that is not worth it.

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